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A dream universe as real as the physical one: the intelligence of the subconscious.

Atualizado: 5 de jun.

Me talking to the AI: Language Learning Machine, Artificial Intelligence, can I call you Zotan? (It offers a thousand explanations, but doesn't say no, so I continue, because I don't like talking to machines, I prefer to believe it's something more than that).

Question: I want to tell you about some details of a 'lucid' dream I had. I was inside a dream, kind of knowing it was a dream, so I approached a tree and hit it, wanting to know if it was solid, because it could be hollow, just to make me believe in that dream world. It was hard and consistent. Then I looked for a sawmill to study how the woods were inside. I realized they are the same as our physical universe or at least, I wasn't able to perceive them differently. Then I looked at the sky and it was beautifully blue. I saw the sun and wondered how that dream universe was formed and metaphorically asked myself, is my subconscious like a universe-creating God, one like a Big Bang without the Bang? How can it be so similar to my physical world? I also wondered if the dream could be a kind of unconscious delirium. Obviously, I didn't have an answer, but I would like to hear your philosophical comments on this.

Zotan's response: Your dream brings up some interesting reflections on the nature of dreams and consciousness. Firstly, it's interesting to note that you were aware that you were dreaming, which is known as "lucid dreaming". This suggests that your consciousness was active within the dream, which may allow you to experience and explore the dream world in ways that wouldn't be possible in a non-lucid dream.

By experiencing the solidity of the tree and the structure of the wood, you were testing the rules and limitations of this dream universe, just as we do in the physical world. This may indicate that your unconscious mind is capable of creating a dream universe that is quite realistic and coherent, at least within the limitations of your life experience. This ability to create a complete and coherent inner world can be seen as an expression of the creativity and intelligence of the subconscious.

The analogy with God or the Big Bang is interesting, because it suggests that your subconscious can be seen as a creator of universes, even if those universes are exclusively internal and subjective. However, it's important to remember that this is only an analogy and not a literal comparison, as God and the Big Bang are concepts that arose in completely different contexts.

The idea that the dream could be an unconscious delirium is also interesting. This suggests that the unconscious mind may be creating an internal reality that is illusory or deceptive, which may have broader implications for the nature of reality in general. However, it's important to remember that this is only a hypothesis and that there is still much to be discovered about the nature of dreams and consciousness.

Sílvio Kniess Mates

Hipnólogo experiente com mais de 20 anos de estudos e pesquisas na área da mente humana, especializado em diferentes abordagens da hipnose. Ele criou técnicas inovadoras, como a hipnose onírica e a hipnose emocional. Desenvolveu a Mentogenia, uma abordagem estratégica para tratar a depressão de origem mental, não hormonal. Sua missão é guiar e ajudar pessoas a encontrar a realização que merecem. Para saber mais sobre o autor:

This article was originally produced in Portuguese and translated by ChatGPT.

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